Bloom where you are planted

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” – Henri Matisse

I’m in Maine this week. When you enter the state of Maine the sign says,
The Way Life Should Be

I believe the intention of the tag line refers to the pace of life here: simple, natural, and slow.

I tend to agree, which is why I vacation here. It’s pretty ideal. I can feel my breathing slow down and my mind begin to clear almost immediately after stepping outside the airport terminal, and more and more with every breath of the fresh Maine air I take.

Sometimes, I wonder why I don’t live here year-round; I love it that much. Then I remember WINTER—and I snap out of it!

But I also remember where I live and what I’m called to do and where my tribe is, reminding me that even if it feels like this is the way life should be, it’s not how it’s meant to be for me, right now. At least, not in this season of my life. There are things I’ve been called to do and I can’t do them from here. There are people I’m meant to do life with right now, who do not live here.

There is work to be done where I have been planted and no matter how appealing somewhere else looks, what is more important is that I’m where I belong. 

I’m not saying there aren’t times when we’re called to move and go somewhere new—that happened to me 23 years ago when we moved from New York to Florida, but I’m saying that we must be careful not to be tempted to uproot and move on to something different just because we think it’s the way things should be. Sometimes we’re called to stay where we are—where we’re meant to be—and make it better.

The grass is not always greener on the other side (though, I do have to say, it’s pretty darn green here).

Let’s make sure we don’t see other people’s lives and think that’s the way our
    life should be.
Let’s not look at someone else’s marriage and think that’s the way ours should be.
Let’s not see someone else’s job and think that our job should be that way too.

Just like I cannot know what it’s really like to live here year-round and deal with the snow and remoteness, we cannot possibly know the ins and outs of someone else’s life or a different circumstance we think we would like better than our own.

Let’s embrace the life we have and do what we can to make it better. Let’s bloom where we are planted until we hear the call to move on.

Tracey Metzger

Tracey Metzger is the co-founder and President of For the Girls International, Inc. Her passion is to see women awakened to their unique purpose and empowered to use their unique gifts to share the hope and love of God with a hurting world. As a speaker and writer, Tracey’s refreshingly honest, down-to-earth approach encourages and inspires her audiences to live and move in the fullness of who God created them to be. Through various avenues, Tracey spends her days connecting with women of all ages and walks of life and inviting them into a sisterhood of love, support, and encouragement. She loves meeting women and hearing their stories. Whether you’re attending an FTGI event, reading her blog, or sitting across the table from her at Starbucks, you will find yourself utterly engaged in what Tracey has to say. You will also feel loved and understood. Her willingness to share her personal experiences and thoughts allows for any woman of any background to receive a message that is relatable, relevant, and motivational. Tracey and her husband of 32 years, Dan, have lived in Tampa Bay since 1993. They are blessed with two grown sons, a teenage daughter, and lovely daughter-in-law and a sweet granddaughter.

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