Become a certified life coach!

Help others to discover their Purpose, find their Passion & live their Dreams

Imagine having a monumental positive impact on the lives of those you encounter.

The FTGI Coaching Certification Course is a dynamic program for the purpose-driven woman who has a deep calling on her life and is ready to launch her mission to serve humanity by empowering others to greatness. This course will provide proven tools and techniques she can use to help establish her credibility as an effective coach in one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

If you are a woman who feels there is a calling on your life to become a coach the FTGI Life Coach Certification program was created for you.

Do you desire to use coaching as a way to enhance your current professional toolbox?

Are you a woman in ministry who wants to expand and grow your ministry?

Are you dreaming of starting a fabulous coaching business and making an impact on the world?

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What are some of the lessons you will learn during the certification program?

You will learn a proven Empowerment Style of Coaching Model for transformational mastery

You will be equipped to help your clients get real results when they work with you

Throughout the course, you are sure to experience your own personal transformation

You will be challenged to develop your wealth and abundance mindset for higher level living

You will create a solid basic business foundation of excellence for your coaching business

You will discover the right business structure and model to leverage your income for profitability

Program Components

1. Train

2. Equip

3. Educate

4. Launch

5. On-going Support & Business Growth

Lesson Highlights


  • Role of a life coach
  • Coaching tools
  • Difference between coaching and therapy
  • Life coach excellence
  • Benefits of coaching


  • How to use life coaching to fulfill the call of God in your life
  • How to use coaching to expand your current profession
  • Master the mechanics of coaching using  proven methodology


  • Day in the life of a life coach
  • Time value calculation + pricing
  • Mock coaching schedule
  • Coaching delivery platforms


  • Build a solid business foundation
  • Establish a more holistic ministry approach

Certification session takes place 

  • March 22-24, 2018
  • October 4-6, 2018

Class Schedule:

Thursday  1pm-6pm

Friday  9am-6pm

Saturday  9am-6pm, 7:30pm-9pm

Session Agenda:

Thursday: Group Activity
Friday: Train & Equip
Saturday: Educate & Ask, Certify & Launch


2708 Alternate 19, Suite 502
Palm Harbor, Florida

Investment: $950

Payment options:
*Payment plans must be paid in full 1 weel prior to course

Full-Pay: $900 (Full-pay includes $50 discount)

Two-Pay: $475 Deposit (Non-refundable) + One additional payment of $475*

Three-Pay: $250 Deposit (Non-refundable) + Two additional payments of $350*

Late Registration (One week before class starts)$1050

What Will Students Walk Away With From the FTGI Life Coach

Certification Course

  • Each student will receive the training they need to become a wellskilled and confident coach who aptly facilitates guiding clients through transformational coaching sessions helping them to produce a favorable result in their life or business
  • Each student will be challenged to shift their mindset as it relates to wealth and abundance so they can confidently charge based on their skill, knowledge and the value of the results their clients can experience
  • Each student will connect with their own dreams and desires, and gain clarity about who they are at their core and how to bring everything forward to help them create an authentically successful business
  • Each student will a solid foundation upon which to grow and develop their business.
  • Each student will build credibility in the industry as a trained coach who understands the confidentiality required to serve their clients with integrity
  • Each student will set the foundation for a business infrastructure which enables them to steadily increase their income, and a solid plan to grow and develop a financially successful coaching business


“Taking the Life coaching certification course was absolutely the best decision I ever made. The smaller group environment made it easy to share and get connected with others in the class. I would not trade what I learned or the experiences I gained for anything. I am Completely 100% blessed!”

– Valerie

“The Life Coaching Certification was & is by far the best decision I have made for myself in a long time  (a way overdue one)!  You will grow and flourish in ways that will cause people to ask whats different about you!”


“Powerful and packed full of knowledge to help you create a life coaching business or a bigger contribution to your community and family.  Absolutely recommend it!”


“If your ready to Flourish, then you owe it to yourself to take the FTGI Life Coaching Certification. Not only will you learn how to help maneuver your sphere of influence to their greatest potential, but those you have yet to meet!  You’ll also learn it’s only takes your story, your passion to help others and the courage to authentically be yourself. Whether your goal is to be non-profit or for profit- this certification course gives you the tools to help YOU and/or your own business to GROW.  Join and get ready to multiply in 2017- when you help others Flourish, you Flourish!”

– Jennifer

“The FTGI Life Coaching Certification provides a positive, encouraging environment to learn, grow and practice the skills needed to step out into your own Life Coach business. The teachers are skilled experts in the field providing the guidance and instruction needed to take that big step. Not only did I leave equipped for success to venture out in what God was calling me to do, but it was also a time of personal growth and development. I love that they provide continued support after the course with training calls, tips in their FB group and they allow you to join in on any or all future classes!!! Best decision I’ve made for my personal life as well as for the future success of my career.”


“FTGI Life Coaching certification course is by far one of the best investments I have made. Not only did I learn skills to help others achieve their dreams, but I also discovered some of my own in the process. The exercises we did were awesome! They encouraged us to remove the limits we sometimes put on ourselves due to fear, insecurities, self worth, etc… which resulted in tremendous personal as well as professional growth. Cynda Teachman Harris Cheryl A. Pullins are a special duo! I could not imagine one without the other. The love that exudes from both of them is contagious! ❤You will leave with a new passion and fire for what God has called you to do.”


Certification Facilitators

Cynda Harris


Cynda Harris is a Certified Life Coach with a Bachelors degree in Theology. She is the co-founder of For the Girls International and the founder of Grow Life Inc.

After working in church ministry for over 20 years, she felt a stirring to begin working with women, helping them to birth their God-sized dreams. Cynda is passionate about seeing women through the transition from the conception of a vision to the realization of a dream!  We call her a “spiritual midwife” around here!

Cynda also offers Music, Ministry and Leadership Coaching.

Cheryl Pullins


Cheryl Pullins is a Brand Development Consultant, Certified Professional Coach and an award-winning speaker who was hand selected to speak at the first TEDx event held at a women’s prison. She is the creator of BRANDfluent™ and the author of “What Every Diva Must Know About Starting Her Own Business.”

Leveraging more than twenty years of Corporate Human Resources experience plus more than a decade of ministry leadership, Cheryl consults, coaches, trains, and mentors multi-passionate visionaries by helping them clarify their message, impact their market, and create their own economy.