Having Faith to Follow God’s Dream

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” – Christopher Reeve

When I was a little girl, my dream was to write books about horses, mermaids, and ballet.

When I got into middle school, I wrote a 30-day devotional from the book of Jeremiah.

When I was in high school, I wrote short stories about a ballerina who ran away to New York City.

When I was a freshman in college, I remember a conversation I had with my cousin, explaining to her how I was getting my degree in English, so I could write books and work in a book publishing company.

When I entered my junior year of college, I lost sight of this God-given dream. 

I heard things from my peers saying, You need to have good job security and How much money will you make? These thoughts filled my head and clouded my judgment. God’s voice was replaced by the opinions of others. I started second guessing myself, and ultimately, God.

Have you ever felt afraid to do something because you’re not sure if it’s God’s will? You’re scared to go down one path, because you don’t know if it’s the right one. 

Maybe you want to take a leap of faith and open your own business or start a band. Maybe you sit at a computer screen all day wishing you could start a ministry or become a full-time missionary. Maybe you want to be an author, but you’re afraid of rejection and failing.

I’ve felt this uncertainty many times, but in the end, I had to have faith. I had to trust God would show me the way even if I didn’t quite know what the path looked like.  And if I’m being honest with you, taking a leap of faith is hard. It is out of our comfort zones.

Dwelling in uncertainty is a scary place to be.

I remember sitting my parents down, junior year of college, after I lost sight of my dream, telling them I was switching my major to nursing. I saw shock fill their faces. I thought it was the right move, and I was determined to make it happen no matter what anyone told me. I let comments like, I just want you to know how hard nursing school is, You will be broken down until you have nothing left, brush off my shoulder because I believed I could conquer this challenge.

I don’t know if you caught it, but there was a lot of “me” in this part of the story. Where was God?

Before entering nursing school, I got a job at Florida Hospital my last semester of college, fully ready to make my dream of becoming a nurse a reality. The first week there I was an absolute mess…I cried before, during, and after my twelve-hour shift. I felt like a failure. But hey, this was my dream, right?

It was clear as day “my dream” of becoming a nurse was not God’s dream for my life. He let me get this job at the hospital, because it was the only way of stopping me from going to nursing school the following year. God is always working and moving in ways I can’t even comprehend. But that’s how big, merciful, and kind our God is.

When I graduated from college, I didn’t have a clue what to do next with my fancy English degree. One God-ordained meeting with NOW Publishing a month after graduation changed the course of my life.

I wrote my book Blossom in 2017—a college-aged devotional for young women—and the night of my book launch was one of the best nights of my life. I was humbled how God made my dream from when I was a little girl, reading the “The Magic School Bus” books, come true. I was an author.

There are three principles I learned through all of this which I hope can help ease any worried thoughts you might have about pursuing your God-given dreams:

  1. You are able, because God is able. 

If there was a word to describe how I felt, it was scared. I didn’t think I was going to be able to become an author. In my power alone, I wasn’t going to get anywhere. I was scared of the risk and uncertainty this career can bring.

But the truth is, God is always able. We must not put limitations on what God can do in our lives. If it’s God’s will, then you can rest in assurance that He will make it come to fruition. Through the obstacles, God is able. Through your doubt, God is able. Have faith in knowing that all things work together for good to those who love God. Everything you experience can and will guide you to where God wants you to be, and He is able to make what you probably think is impossible, happen for you.

  1. God will speak to you when you are still.  

We must spend time in stillness with God and ask Him to speak to us. Before I make an important decision, I spend a lot of time praying and meditating in a quiet place. I allow everything around me to be silent. I ask God to allow my mind to rest, so I can clearly hear from God.

Take the necessary time to allow God to calm your worries and doubts by being still in His presence.

  1. Obedience will bring blessings.

I had to take a leap of faith and trust God would see me through this book writing process. I had to be obedient and walk through this open door He was giving me. I didn’t know if I was capable of writing a whole book and I was scared of failing, but ever since I signed the contract to publish my devotional, God has blessed me tremendously through it.

I believe these blessings continue to come because I was obedient to God’s dream for my life. I know that I’m on the right career path now. My favorite blessing is when women share with me how God spoke to them through the pages of my book. Oh, how my heart overflows with joy and thankfulness.

I’ve always wanted to help other women navigate life and learn from my experiences and mistakes. While my first book is written for college-aged women, I also want it to reach high school girls, so they can equip themselves before they go to college—to have bold faith, to lean on God always, to keep Jesus at the center of every relationship, and to allow God to blossom them into the woman He created them to be.

I believe God has a unique dream for each of our lives. I don’t want the world or social media, or fear to stop you from living out God’s perfect plan. It will look different than someone else’s path, I promise you. But don’t let this stop you from going against the normal and believing God is able. Have faith to follow God’s dream for your life, and get ready to receive His blessings!

What dream has God placed in your heart? Are you pursuing it now? What do you think your next step is to make this dream a reality? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

To check out Jessica’s book, go to the following link: Blossom: From One Journey, To The Next


Jessica Steidl is a recent college graduate from the University of Central Florida, with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing. She is passionate about reaching out to college girls, and sharing the love of Jesus to anyone she meets. She hopes to help other young adult women through sharing her experiences at college. When she is not writing, she is an avid horseback rider and ballerina. She spends the most time with her loving family and being involved in her church. A resident of Florida, you can probably find her at a local coffee or donut shop with her nose in a book.






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