Freedom and Authority

This week I went for coffee with one of our leaders and she shared how she is counting the days for Christmas to be over. She cannot stand the busyness of this season. From leaving the house to see Christmas lights to staying home to bake cookies, she is done!

I told her how I am counting the days to take down all of my Christmas decoration. It has been less than a month, but I had it with it. Since I began letting my children decorate the Christmas tree, I began counting the days to take it down. It is a mess, there is no theme, no color coordination…I call it visual pollution!

Regardless of where you stand this Christmas – being the one having it all together or the one calling it quits – I encourage you to pray and ask God to reveal to you what part of the Christmas story He wants you to focus on this year.

It amazes me how alive the Christmas story is and how it flows from heart to heart, from season to season. At certain times of our life, it may lead us to accept a personal relationship with God. At other times, it may bring us the grace we need to move forward another day.

Forgiveness! Redemption! Grace! Love! Salvation!

These words describe what the story of Christmas has brought to my life during my 38 years on Earth. I don’t know how many more years I have, but God has revealed to me that from now on He wants me to focus on two more words – words that are not usually used to describe Christmas: Freedom and Authority.

Because He has positioned me to serve For The Girls International, I believe that He wants these two words to be part of our community as we move forward as well.

The Christmas story brings us freedom from anything – big or small – that try to hinder us. By becoming flesh, Jesus has set us free. We are no longer captive to our sinful human nature and, as such, we have free access to God, the freedom to develop a personal relationship with Him, and enjoy His presence for eternity.

The Christmas story also brings us the authority to be world-changers by choosing to shine God’s light in a world that is surrounded by darkness. During one of her interviews, someone asked Mother Teresa, “if there is a God why there is so much suffering in this world?” She answered with love and authority, “because God uses the hands and feet of humans to do His work on Earth.” It reminds me of when Jesus explained, in Matthew 9:37, about the harvest being plentiful, but the workers being few.

By believing that the baby on the Christmas story is God’s son and that, through Him, we have an eternal relationship with God, we must also accept to walk in the freedom and act on the authority He gives us.

As we celebrate Christmas this week and get closer to the end of the year, I pray that God will awaken in our hearts the desire to be workers in the beautiful harvest He has assigned us. I pray that God expands the influence of For The Girls International in this region, this country, the world. I pray that when people hear of For The Girls International, they don’t think of another networking group, but of a God-movement of women doing real-life together, doing business together, and building a better world TOGETHER!

May your Christmas be filled with God’s love, grace, freedom, and authority!

 – Vaine 

Vaine Angelo

Vaine Angelo’s mission is to inspire, empower, and equip people to rise up and position themselves to lead the change they want to see in their life, family, business...the world! Her commitment to this mission defines how she raises her children, navigate her marriage, coach her clients, and serves as the Executive Director of For The Girls International. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of South Florida and is currently pursuing her Masters Degree. She is also accredited as a life, leadership, and business coach by the International Coaching Federation and is a member of the John C. Maxwell Team. Originally from Brazil, she lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband, two children, mother-in-law, and their Toy Poodle.

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