For the Girls International’s mission is…

To grow a company of women of all ages and walks of life that are not willing to settle for anything less than everything that God has for them. We believe that at this particular time in history God is calling women to step out of their comfort zones and relentlessly pursue the dreams that live deep in their hearts. We aim to unlock the power that is fueled by women’s innate capacity to love and nurture, and channel it into a revolutionary movement of women meeting the needs of a hurting world.


We are committed to doing everything we can to awaken women to the amazing potential for greatness that is in each and every one of them.


We want to quiet the voices of the media and the culture that define beauty and success by the world’s standards and shout the message that it is through our relationship with God that we obtain our self worth and discover our destiny and purpose.


We are determined to bring women together in an atmosphere where the focus is on moving forward, not looking back.


We are determined to break down the barriers that women sometimes build around themselves and create a sisterhood of women passionate about becoming all that they were created to be, inspiring and cheering each other on along the way.


We are determined to finish the race that God has set before us with determination and grace and pave the way for the next generation of amazing women of God. ♥