FTGI’s SHINE is a free mentorship program designed to facilitate personal and leadership development in middle school girls. During our program, girls learn about their worth, strength and purpose and are equipped with the tools that will allow them to grow into self-reliant, resilient and purposeful women!

Shine was built upon our belief that when girls become purposeful, passionate women they bring solutions to the problems facing our communities and the world.


VIDEO: It was once said, "Well behaved women rarely make history."Well I found a group of young girls ... and the women who are mentoring them... proving that you can be EXTREMELY well behaved and pave the way for history making moves.FULL STORY with FTGI's Shine Program and how you can get the teen girl in your life in the program for FREE:

Posted by The NOW Tampa Bay on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Shine began as a nine-week program offered to girls in the Tampa Bay Area at coffee shops and community centers.


In 2018, we took a big step and began offering Shine as a year-round program at Dayspring Academy, a charter school in Pasco County, FL.

In 2019, we adapted our program to go internationally as a weapon against female oppression and femicide (the killing of women) in Brazil. Under this initiative, we have 160 impoverished children at-risk going through SHINE year-round as an afterschool  program.


None of this could be accomplished without the help of our community!


Our vision for 2020 is to bring Shine to, at least, one more school in the Tampa Bay Area! You can be part of this vision by becoming a mentor, becoming a sponsor or becoming a donor!


Your sponsorship/donation is tax-deductible and we have a special program for businesses that would like to embrace Shine as part of their corporate social responsibility. If you are interested to sponsor as a business, please contact us for more information.




Are you interested in reaching back to the next generation? FTGI is looking for volunteers and guest speakers for our SHINE program.